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2009-03-17 17:33:20 by Mostlyghostly

I'm sort of new to flash. I plan on making my first flash video soon, but it I'm pretty sure it'll be really dumb. Can anyone give me any ideas for what my flash should be about? (Even though nobody's going to even look at my page, thats for sure)


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2009-03-29 16:28:58

you could just do a bunch of stickmen fighting
its easy and if u do it good enough it could get front paged!

Mostlyghostly responds:

Hmm... that's a good idea! I think I have made some pretty decent stickmen flashs so far, in my practice, too! Thanks!


2009-03-29 16:41:23

if you get really really stuck for ideas what you should think of random words and put the together like "cat" "shop" "murder" put them together a story about a muder in a cat shop things like that (thats only a exsample) but yeah :) i hope this is helpful

(Updated ) Mostlyghostly responds:

Great idea! Thanks a lot! I can also see that on your userpage that you have had expirence!


2010-01-02 15:59:20

You know by writing this, it's almost an ensured blam.