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Once again, the world is safe!

One criminal down, and the world is saved!
I must say, that was pretty darn funny

Anyway, the animation could be a little smoother, but nice effort nonetheless (but perhaps try a little harder). I suggest that you add more frames and color to make your flash look better. Getting a new vioce recording device would also help, but that really isn't neccessary.

So overall, this was a nice flash with a funny ending, but could have been worked a little harder on.

PS-I'm not not saying that I'm any better at animating than you, in fact, I'm probably worse.

Congrats to this year's winners!

This year, I was really suprised by the winners of the movies AND the games! However, I can see why they had won. Fancy pants 2 is really fun, and Chuck's New Tux is really funny. I thought that Mastermind WC would win, though. It was really fun. However, great choices and nice submission!

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I agree with molkman! Anyway, my country is the US! GO USA!

Great job!

WOW! this is your FIRST submission! good job! This game is really unique, and it looks like you worked really hard! I mean, 98,000 pictures! That must have been really hard. I really like your work, and I'm hoping that Killlego 2 will be even better than this game!

xLite responds:

Thank you for the support and review :)

Really, really fun! (And scary)

This game is probably one of the scariest, and best, short games that I had ever played. It has a little bit of everything. Horror, humor, art, and a bunch of other stuff. But I think that the game needs to be a little bit more challenging, becuase you play as an immortal human bieng. Just needs a little bit more challenge to get a rating of 10 from me.

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